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Funeral flowers are a time-honoured tradition to help show your sympathy and concern for family and friends. Sympathy flowers are not something new and humans have been connecting flowers with burial traditions for thousands of years. Funeral flowers became quite elaborate during the Victorian era. Flowers for funerals in US were elaborately arranged in decorative vases. The flowers that were sent had special meaning and expressed unspoken messages through the use of sympathy flowers. The tradition of sending flowers as an expression of concern and condolence remains an honoured tradition today. Although the types of flowers used have changed slightly, many of the traditional ones are still used to provide comfort to those who have suffered a loss today.
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Our florists can help you choose exactly the right arrangement for the meaning that you want to convey and your budget. Whether it is a simple arrangement that you need, or a more elaborate arrangement, flowers can help to encourage the bereaved and bring them hope.

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Each order is hand delivered by local florists who are part of our dedicated team. Often the right flower to send is dictated by one’s relationship to the deceased or those that are bereaved. Our experienced staff can help you choose just the right one for your needs, so you do not have to worry about navigating this daunting task yourself.
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There are certain circumstances where flower delivery must be delayed, and we are happy to cater for your special needs. We give every order a personal touch and our experienced florists US are always on hand for any questions that may come up during the process. We provide seamless and stress-free service at a time when you need it the most. Order now and see for yourself!
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It is always comforting to know that you have a trusted professional at your service to offer you just the right remembrance gift in your time of loss. We can walk you through the decisions so you don’t have to worry about whether the gift will say exactly what you wish it to say. Choose Funeral Flowers in your time of need.
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The funeral tributes range of arrangements is offered in a wide variety of colour themes and floral schemes for every budget - sympathy & condolences flowers, wreaths, letter tributes, posies and baskets, funeral sprays etc. We offer one of the widest selections available and always have the most popular items in stock and ready for our team to add that special touch that will say how much you care to your loved ones.
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